Save the date: Anete and Mikelis //

Anete un Mikelis Bendiki.  When you know them, you don't need to look for an idol couple amongst movie stars, musicians, celebrities of the entertainment industry, instead you have these two. Real people, not yellow paper made up; with love of a thunderstorm story. A story with pure joy, high and low emotions, rawness, honesty, a story of true, real love. And there is no better way how to capture both of them - playfulness, jokes and good humour, laughter and jumping, dancing and kissing. Seeing them together, I personally felt there is still hope in modern romance, true love and that love really does exists. They never gave up on each other, instead supported and watered their love just like vegetables need water and sun in order to grow and give delicious fruits. They grow together like two peas in a pod, now with two wonderful children. Their story continues, and Anete is writing a blog about their "...and they lived happily after". Their fairytale continues... with new colours, experiences and stories.

After five years of this photo shoot announcing their engagement and "save the date", they still look at each other this way. 


Gillade du att se dessa bilder?

Det sätt jag samlar ögonblicken av livet i foto, det är min bästa skicklighet!
Om du vill - kontakta mig och låt oss prata om din fest, evenemang, festival eller mysig sammankomst med vänner eller familj!

livsstil & evenemangsfotogra:

familjer · bröllop · porträtt
°collecting feelings and adventures of life°

Vi hörs, vi ses!