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Workshop: HAVE A SHARE : Åter till framtiden i Varvsstaden-Malmö.

A different kind Sweden you won't read about in tourist guides. Sjönevadfesten, 2013.

Family photography in Stockholm. // Utomhus familjen fotografi i Stockholm 2018.

The best wedding musicians in Sweden - POMMAC DUO.

Evita & Nick. // Stockholm.

Portfolio: weddings, families, maternity, couples...all you need is love.

Portraits of women.

Portfolio : open your eyes and heart to the world - explore life

Portfolio : Friluftsliv - outdoor lifestyle - Sweden.

Erik & Teres. The world improving couple. // Skåne

mothers&daughters weekend. // Latvian friluftsliv.

Midsummer in swedish countryside. // Nomad notes.

Retro wedding snapshots.