House and pet-sitting in Skåne // Summary from diary notes.

Life in Dörröd // Livet på landet i Skåne. 

I don't know which is more accurate, but in each language, it feels like that. How do I feel about it in Latvian? Hmm. I think something between lines as "fulfilment of a dream". Yes, it was a chance to live the dream of a house in nature, be close to nature every day than trying to find weekend escapes and stress out about getting to nature from Malmö.

I kept updates about this wonderful time, this retreat, healing, therapy in and with nature, peace, calm atmosphere, no city noises on my And I have added all posts to this text, if interested to see more diary-alike notes. I have done house-sitting before many times, but never thought of offering my help even when living as a local. Usually this has been a thing to do while travelling myself, but now here I am in Skåne helping out people when they need to get escape from their daily routine. (I'm your perfect stranger - house and pet-sitter.) But the basic story is simple that we were recommended by people who trust us to house-sit while the owner is away on a mission in Nepal. Yes, not a travel, but a mission! 

The owner, I will continue saying friend or Lisa, was on a mission to help Nepal women. She collected 221 mooncups to bring to Nepal and donate to women. There are a strong bias and stereotype against menstruation which in western world we think as something so normal (except we buy overload of chocolate and hate our boyfriends, husbands for a day while hormones have a party), but in other countries, far away from us, women literally suffer from an idea that they are bleeding. While Lisa was there, she learnt that not only they need the mooncups, but also need education about this natural fact of women's body doing it once in a month. All this is a short story in my own words, but Lisa is coming up with an idea how to make this her "accidental charity mission" as a real project. So, watch out Skåne and Sweden, she might plan a tour of lecture/storytelling to bring up this question. 

Oh, I might get away from a topic about mooncups with all my not so relevant photos? No, it is a story of a person who also gave her trust in me and my partner that we will have the key to her house and a trust that we will care and love her dog as much as she does. In my eyes, it is incredible when I receive this trust. Especially the recent years when I had experienced a lot emotional hurt, that meeting people like her and her neighbours... Warmed me up!

In the background, on my personal level, I was dealing with inner healing. I have a tendency to hit low lows and high highs, deep lows and shallow highs, and so on. During this autumn, I was hitting low lowes, and this time away helped me to find inner balance. About all this nature therapy I have mentioned briefly or sometimes a bit too much in my 'diary alike' notes if interested can read some or scroll through. There are more random photos as snapshots of everyday life - reading the local free newspaper in a magazine while having a walk with a dog through the forest, for example. This was a fantastic autumn. I get to spend a lot of time in nature and getting back to the city I felt calmer.

The best of all of this was - living the dream of my future, and see if I really want this dream. AND... Since living in an apartment (first time in my life I have lived 4 years in an apartment!) in a busy city, here, in Dörröd, I get to appreciate nature and what I have been missing, or even taking for granted as I grow up living similarly to this... It's - seeing the changes in nature every day. Feeling the change in the air, the colour of sunrise and the morning air and sunray meeting - mist. You can't notice such details of nature on streets. Also - I get to live next to our favourite place&people&animals - Happy Dogs ranch, and I got so much dog cuddles like never ever before in my life!

Thank you.
Here are all notes on the time when there.



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