Inspired by nature recycled copper artwork made in the highlands of Skåne

Imagine a quiet living near nature, far away from the city lights and noises, and the always "I'm late" atmosphere. A cosy house in the middle of nowhere in the centre of the highland of Skåne. Situated off by the Skåne small roads which remind me just as small as Cornish roads in England. It's a place where you can hear the silence of forest, or music by all the living forest inhabitants, or to break the cosy bubble, by this house you can hear four happy dogs barking, four piglets oinking loudly for a snack, and hens complaining about coming visitors again. They are anti social, they hide as soon as you approach. And somewhere a little "jingle bell" running across the garden, it's the black cat Elsie on her way to bully the other cat.

The highland people living there might have a bit "take it easy&slow" living which is so much advertised by modern city people who try to achieve this mindset by their hashtag "slow living". But the animals on the ranch has the real action happening, like a tv soap opera. They live in their little forest bubble. Each gang of an animal have their own things going on, sometimes they come across in each other ways, but most of the time they just do their own thing and now they all are a big family. So, the soap opera action is more like sibling fights!

Happy dogs ranch' life never fully goes calm because of all the farm&animal care duties, and to the fact that it is also a welcoming Airbnb destination, but there is another side to their farm! Creative workshop! There is a small (almost like a secret) "chamber" to Kurt's workshop where he sits his long autumn and winter days making new pieces of recycled copper inspired by surrounding and lifestyle. Literal and styled pieces of nature and animals. In his workshop, he has a window with a view to the forest and to the mother piggie and her baby (which I guess by now might be more of a teenager than a baby). What a better workshop atmosphere one could wish for? Inspiration just through the window!

And so here are some of his made art pieces I have photographed of one all my visits to this little animal paradise in Skåne forest. All of these you can order/get/buy/see by visiting them or getting in contact with Kurt!

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This raindrop ring is mine now! <3




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