Once upon time somewhere in the middle of nowhere by the sea. // Autumn trip.

Once upon time somewhere in the middle of nowhere by the sea.... 

Our roadtrip in Latvia started with going to my very much loved extended family's cottage house by the sea. Despite the forecast we knew we will still go, and despite the canceled/rebooked flight we still knew we will go there two of us or four of us.

Me and my best friend Lelde have this birthday/namesday thing - we both celebrate birthdays on 18th date and namesday on 19th, but since we live apart, we made a deal to celebrate our days whenever we meet on 18/19th! The last years it hasn't happened. So, this trip's idea begun with that, we just didn't know the destination yet. 

I always have wanted to return to this little cottage by the sea, but I have not been in Latvia during summers the last 5 years. And as soon as Lelde reminded and asked if we could go there, I was extremely happy that a friend would join this kind of nature escape - without electricity, without all modern equipment, a toilet with a heart-shaped window in woods, and with the last battery in the phone. How she knew? Well, she has been with me there 14 years ago! :)

And now I went with the best girlfriend from my childhood, and our awesome men simply to enjoy the evening with cards and snacks, and wine, learn the culinary miracles on the bonfire and to read the mushrooms after the app on the phone
... And also swim! Yup! I went swimming, while my best friend and her guy were making bonfire and cleaning up (sorry, Lelde!), and the other man went for a forest run as the Flash. So you always find something to do there, be passive or active, but never bored. Like suddenly Lelde decided "Hey, I wanna cook something on bonfire!" Okay, why not? And experiments begun until we really got into creating true culinary surprises! It always a
t first it seems - what can you do out there without all the fancy modern things we are grown around with, then answer is simple, out there is so much happening, so much to do and enjoy, and see, observe...

And as it's been admitted - the nature is the cheapest therapy you can have! Go outdoors!
Three day trip: days included staying at the cottage area, and we visited Ventspils (no photos here) castle, and on the way back to Riga, we stopped at Kolka, to see the merging coast of gulf of Riga and Baltic sea.



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