every season it's all about flowers...

Yes, every season it is all about flowers. Just the same as every season its about rain and sun, and fashion matching with outdoor temperatures, and colors and joy and hate and love, and every season it is all about flowers....as we still end up looking for them on a frozen glass window, or in a snowflake or reading gardening pictures which flower we are going to plant next season, or admiring them when blooming, and sending gratitude to them when flower dies, and all around in a circle. 

I was taken to one of the points on my "when in Riga" list by a stranger, instagram nature alike lover. She describes herself as a chemist with passion for photography and nature. We talked about her description, as I was questioning why she in our chat mentioned that people find it strange. I even didn't really pay attention to it I just thought - cool, she knows herself well! I simply read it as a label tags so that I could create a picture of her in my head who she is in real life. When she explained in ur botanical walk that people finds it odd that she as by profession chemist is interested in nature and photography....But, why not? Not only in this century, but this type of people have existed forever. Profession which they like and are interested in and then perhaps slightly different hobbies.... It just makes the personality and character more interesting! My granny loves singing, wanted to be opera singer, but dislikes cooking and would rather eat potatoes all the time, although she is amazing at gardening skills. My mum all her life has been in marketing world, but has passion for cooking and decoration. And I won't even start writing how diverse was my grandpa with his hobbies and interests, and jobs!

Once on hitchhking tour in Sweden, with my occasional hitchhiking friend Janice, we met a driver who told the most beautiful story (if I could completely remember in exact words...) about flowers and people (nationalities). We drove the scenic slower route from south to Stockholm E22... Nature on the left, towns on the right. He said to look on that meadow outside window, how many beautiful colorful and different type flowers grows on that one land...and they all somehow live together, they create their own community, village, town or city...They are white, red, blue and orange and in all rainbow colors, but different each. And us, people? We are the same as flowers in different colors, but made from the same, and share one land, but we still hurt each other over unmeaningful things... 

How I see and feel, why we put those boxes and narrow down each other? Why we still hurt each other, when we are just so alike and made from the same clay, but just have a different color on us. I'd compare myself with wildmeadowflowerin a blue color which blossoms at the end of summer in purple tones, someone is a rose and with its characteristics, someone maybe is a green palm or aloe vera? Flowers have their preferred growing soils, so, we have our preferred hobbies, interests for soul. I could go on with this random comparisement forever, but you get what I mean right, just look at some of flowers next time in a garden like you'd see your own mirror.

Admire each other the same as flowers we admire every season. Accept each other, love and take care of and water your friendships and relationships, as nothing grows without water. <3

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