Celebrating friendship photoshoot. // Skåne.

These two by chance decided that the next stop in their student life will be Malmö in Sweden. Now in few weeks, they are going away to continue the next chapters. Sounds familiar to many whoever has tried living abroad or have met a-foreign-friend in a home country. Well, it's pretty common nowadays.

I recognize this friendship, these abroad soul mates you meet and feel so much for them like you know each other for years. Yet comes the time to go separately... I've had many of these moments due to my first seven years of active travel-life-abroad lifestyle. That there was one moment I clearly remember 2013 August, I already was getting upset that the people with who I was spending my that current time period will go away from my life. I thought it's a curse on my life, I shared my emotions with a friend from that moment, she helped me feel better, cleaned off my "too early tears". She said it won't happen, but it only was a cake to my ears. I understood then the importance of "here and now" enjoying moment than rush into anxiety. I knew she isn't lying, she won't go away as a friend, but we won't be together as then in the future, yet when we will meet once in two years, it will be good.

Just later in a year when that happened - another change, another switch in my life to new beginnings, I got tired. Exhausted of these goodbyes I rushed into building up high walls from iron, I felt I fear to open up once more when in my life journey these friendships come and goes. I was sour. It took me a while to see the positive side of it. I was richer having these friendships, richer emotionally that we shared a journey in this life together. And that I even met these people to whom saying goodbye was hard!!! I chose to celebrate these "new beginnings". Through some time period of pushing away and not letting in anyone, I have again met new people I would want to invite in my life more, but somewhere in my dark web of memory, I still protect myself.

Friendships are special "job". To me, friendships/relationships/partnerships/any-ships will matter more than anything else. I refuse to believe in - a job and "being busy" is more important. I learnt some of these thoughts the hard way in this digital communication era. We are very busy with doing whatsoever than coming together. I never find anything more important than finding a connection with another person. Then what really matters in life? The money you made or friendships you created? Where is the value in life? 💜 

Perhaps I value this too high, but there are no words to share my full experience on emotions and people.

Celebrate friends, friendships, people who are in your life that one or that circle of them, just celebrate them and us, and you both, you all.



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