Wake up with the sun

I want to say that "this is that time of year when wake up early and go outdoors - if you live urban area, go to a park, but if you are in rural, well, you know then". Why? What's the aim/reason? I think it is wonderful to see nature to wake up within the early morning sunlight. Watching the sun rays coming up in the sky higher and higher, letting the shadow to disappear, it looks to me just the same when we wake up - slow mornings with no rush - morning rituals until we lock the door and go to everyday life.

Comparing my life in Latvia and UK (Cornwall) to Sweden, here I know that if there is this morning light, I must wake up, I must go outside to a park (often the reason is "I want to take those pretty pics of something in nature") and have that majestic, glorious, magnificent and so on beautiful morning experience. As the weather here changes fast, but I remember from my previous living places, I could sometimes take for granted - "Ah, Ill do it next day", but here - no,no,no... Do it NOW.

One friday I was at this garden, having lunch (there is a garden cafe), and I thought as the daylight is the least favourite light for my taste, I need to come either sunrise or sunset. After weekend, on Monday I did it. Jumped on my bike, had a no-make up morning(a bid deal to me due to my allergyskinproblems) and cycled through the quiet no people city to the park.

I love that city feeling - being alone with few other early birdies in a city on sunny mornings. No cars, only buses and some cyclists. /I mean my name means "sun ray", so, I naturally obviously put huge pressure on "sun in my life"./

 Tulips and early morning sunshine.

I have very strong memory attachment to this nature phenomena. My family used to have huge garden with tulips, perhaps like this in a photo or maybe I remembered it as big as I was a tiny child. We went to school early in the mornings, so I remember that from May to late September morning atmosphere just like this one. Sometimes I have memories of me when I am outside by the garden (maybe catching my cat?). But that smell and feeling, resonances with my childhood life. I remember observing nature, not questioning, but just have these memories when I am next to a garden in early mornings (don't know why).

But where do you live? Do you tend to go out early in the mornings within sunrise? Do you know why you do it? I don't, I just know I am drawn to those moments. If you don't do it, have you experienced it ever? Would you want to do more often? Let's open sunrise cafe and inspire people to wake up and come straight to our cafe and close it around 10am? Haha. :))) Why not? Funny concept.

Ok, enjoy the photos from post-Motherday's weekend.


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