April Fools cycling adventure in Skåne. // Skåneleden.

They say going outdoors being in the nature is better for you, healthier for you and helps to deal with stress and so on in your life. But then why do we need to treat nature as sanctuary, why we can't live lifestyle that we don't need to run out to nature and beg to it "please, heal my stress NOW NOW NOW NOW". The way how we look at and think of, and talk about "nature" has changed so much. "Nature" also has become a consumerist culture. I am not a better person by being out in the nature more than a city person, but I only have a different attitude and perspective on nature, that sitting on a ground, having a dirt on my shoes or pants, or laying down in the grass without a blanket and so on and on isn't scarying me.

Oh, I remember how once I was dating a super adventurous guy (I thought), we did have some fun adventures together, like jumping in a car and driving towards ocean without knowing where, but just - let's go, and after 2 day ride when we got there, and I run to the beach, fell down in the sand and said "ahhhh this is the best feeling at the beach!" He didn't do anything, he suddenly from this "adventurous guy" turned into a city boy who was scared to make his shorts dirty by sitting on a beach sand. Yup, that moment my pink glasses fell off. :) Sounds perhaps silly, but if not meant, then can't accept such "flaw". Anyway.

There are many great reasons to be out more in the nature than spend weekends in branches and cafes. Which now and then is good too, because I love communication and meeting up with friends in this oh so busy century, but after this adventure cycling on skåneleden with a destination finding a windshelter and sleep outdoors, I did notice one thought in my mind. After cycling back to Malmö, I could feel how I wish that cycle was going longer, slower... I didn't want to return. I was thinking how bad I know city life and how better I know how to be outdoorsy. I don't fit in the city, I am not fashionable, I don't hang out just to be social, I have no idea what's trendy - which is the best cafe/restaurant/music/etc. I know where is the best outdoor shops, how to pack my food for outdoors, which cloth I can wear that if it gets warmer I can be in 2 seasons, explain my friends "buying a tent or sleeping-bag", and I feel uncomfortable being dressed up.

When I first came to Malmö nearly 3 years ago, I had this idea to write about Malmö. But the idea never even started, always something else was going on. And now as social media has grown and there are more importance into "self promotion". I have found some bloggers who does write about Malmö city life, and I follow them, and I ENJOY seeing their perspective. It is how I could never find a city life. I admire their way of being in a city, when for me I barely can take a characteristic photo of a building. That already tells a lot about me if as a photographer I can't take a photo of a city. Not my "nature".

I do dream and hope that one day I can be 100% outside city person, I just like myself more outdoors. My personality blossoms, I smile more and my character is nicer! :) In a city I can become more moody and grumpy, just because since I live in Malmö, it is really the first time in my life when I NEED to reach nature than I AM within nature. What does it mean? The last 25 years I always spend summers traveling/hitchhiking/living in farms or homes outside cities, only visited a city for a day for a party/hang out/event/so on. And now the last 3 summers - I AM in the city, and my spirit is drained by it. For 2017 I hope I find my way to not give up on my city mood, but push myself more outdoors. I have travelled every weekend for camping trips while in Skåne, so, I hope it doesnt change, but ,oh, gosh, I wish I could have a job which demands  me to travel around Skåne or again Sweden! :)

But that's just me, we are all different with what we feel comfortable with. I am definitely more outside-city-person than enjoying morning coffees in a city cafes. Both are good, both personalities are needed. You city weirdos inspire me, I hope you feel the same about me,haha. <3


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