Happy dogs ranch // AirBnb in Skåne // Nature escape.

“It can't be more than a quarter of a mile to the finish, but it seems to go on forever. Do I really have to do this? My legs are entirely dead. Would it really matter if I stopped here?
But I know I'd regret it if I did, so I plod leadenly on, distracting myself...with the thought that, whatever troubles I may have been carrying around in my head before the race, I have now entirely forgotten what they were. This thought is rather refreshing. Whatever physical pains it has involved, this ordeal has utterly absorbed me, forcing my brain to focus on the kind of concerns for which it evolved - navigation, survival, balance, digging deep - rather than on the fretful urban anxieties to which it has become habituated. Reconnecting with your inner animal, I suppose you could call it; and it feels good. Especially when, blissfully, I catch sight of the finish.”

I had been longing for a outdoor adventure with physical effort reaching my limit and pushing a little bit over for some time this year. I needed nature escape. It is already a fact we know that jumping out of comfort zone is what makes us alive, to wake up. I could relate it to every situation in life until we really have learnt our limits and how far this eternal un-comorft zone goes. I was reaching this destination by cycling on my new cyclecross bicycle fully dressed in cyclist cloth but still looking like a total amateur. Well, my cycling adventures have always included bicycles I have at home, just some sport shoes, jean shorts and some whatever backpack, but now I had the experience of "smart adventurist". In some ways this year I'm finally starting to fulfill my 12 years ago travel plan: have long term bicycle adventure. Now for a while it's gonna be short escapes, but who knows when the long one comes! But I would love to get on a better shape and be able to cycle those kilometers with some heavy travel bags on both wheels. 

But hey ho check out the happy animal home in the photos! I dont't have many, but enough to see how happy they are! And I wish ALL animals who are held by a human could be this happy and have just the same happy life. 

While I am writing this, in Latvia happens demonstration against animal cruelty in circus. Sad surprise that our government does not support the idea of no-animal circus, while as usually the rest of country is totally against the idea of animal torture. An amazing group of people organizing all the events and are informing the mass about the situation, everyone knows. Let's hope government keeps the tradition - circus, but looks forward into future, creating animal-free circus. 

Everyone deserves a happy life.