...with the wind

A small memory. I collected some shells from the shores on the town where I spent my 3 years of university studies in England. I wondered what could I do with them? Earrings. Why not? Some I made looking cheesy, some neat, posh, calm, fresh, cheesy, romantic, cute and silly. Some I gave as a gifts to friends - their choice to wear or keep it as a tiny memory from me, as I am not the best friend with gifts in general, and if I do have a gift, usually it is handmade either something which will stay forever in interior or disappear in a while, or its homemade food!

I felt nostalgic with those days making them and photographing them like this... with catching the wind in a spring season background.... Melancholy which only I know what it is about.

The quite and most important things hidden in small gestures.