The love of a wild woman. // Portraiture.

Wild Fierce Tender Hearted Woman, 

The calling of the re-birth. 
gather her tribe, 

Her heart is wide open, 
broken in pieces, 

Her strength comes from her love of humanity and the great suffering she feels as she moves through life. 

Her heart has broken and inside the pieces is a love that burns so intensely, 
She is willing to sacrifice herself for this calling, 
she does not know where it will lead her, 
Her heart trembles with fear of the unknown, 
where she is going, she does not know. 

Resistance comes, 
She distracts 
frozen in fear,
overwhelmed by the collective pain body, 
her heart has contracted and she despairs that she can ever bring the depth of her hearts gifts into the world. 

Breathing in the contraction, the closed heart. 
She pauses, a sacred moment to feel underneath her closed heart to the broken pieces inside her heart 
and the fire of love that burns intensely. 

SHE finds her strength once more, she may be weary, on her knees, crawling at times.. 
Her strength to come home to the heart, 
whatever is here now, 
Her call to serve life, 
Her remembering of why she is here, 
To speak for the suffering, 
to feel the pulse of life through her body,
to see the holy and sacred in everything, 
to grieve,
to laugh,
to know a life and live a life of great love. 

The calling of the re-birth Gathering her tribe,
Her strength is her love for all things. 

Natalie Brooks

Evelyn. My babe, my weirdo, my little one, my forever friend with who I always spend hours walking through forest telling gossips and updates from each other's life's, because of my hitchhiking around we met once in few months. And mostly our conversations were about love to life, unconditional love and men until we cry of laughter or of a broken heart. therefore a nature walk is necessary. I love her, and I already have said that when I have a daughter, I will name her after this wonderful lady. She happens to like to be a Dj at awesome parties as she makes the party last!




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