Winter escape to sunny Budapest.

Some of you who are in my everyday life, have heard me saying that Budapest putts a spell on me. Since my first visit, I have been back in seasons in which I did not expect to be greeted with summer kind weather, but in December? Well, I was kind of hoping for more autumn weather than imagining snow while visiting Christmas market. Although I did get to feel that dry autumn coldness which is cold, but still enjoyable to be outdoors, only when finding a warm coffee shop - it was a bliss.

This trip was full of cozy-ness (hyyge?). Hot/Mulled wines on every street corner and along the shopping streets and by the river, and at every second café, well, I guess everywhere, but of course that was at the main parts of the city where tourists, travellers and visitors go to. Stepping outside into more local areas were less “cozy”, more “90s Eastern European" with shiny colourful lights and some other tacky decorations I remember from my childhood which the modern hipsters have not bought as hip retro!

Visiting Budapest in December? Was it worth it? Well, yes of course! Drink mulled wine as soon as you get cold, and never feel drunk, sink your cold body in hot thermal bath house pools - indoors or outdoors- by your choice, enjoy wide range of un-ordinary cafes- cat, book, vintage, vegan, hipster and art,etc, visit second hand shops, and go to "royal" looking buildings where perhaps hides inside just another cafe! And visit the big ice-skating area next to the grand Hero's square! Or climb up on one of the highest points in Budapest just for the view! (Just bring warm drink with you in thermos.)

The best to me was the late evening sinking in the hot pool outdoors gazing into stars and embracing the atmosphere! To me this is a city to visit in colder season definitely. I'll be back again even if it was colder than I expected!



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