Christmas DIY personlized greetings with love. //

As my photo folders are very well organized year by year, month by month and day to day, I know the date when I began to make my little cards. Knowing the date, I check my old diary posts, and there was a text which explains it clearly why and to whom I made these cards.

It hurts me when someone 'asks' me to stop being happy, stop smiling, stop thinking positive, stop seeing in all situations a good side, stop,stop,stop,stop,stop STOP. Because if I am so positive, then they get annoyed.
It upsets me, it feels painful if they ask me "Are you drunk?" Maybe I am, drunk from rum of Happiness.
No, I don't have boyfriend, no, I don't have a job, no, I don't have a car, my own place, great finances or happy happy happy family. I do have people who I love, care and wish all the good. I have great feeling of happiness. I am just ok. I am alive, living, enjoying, smiling... Fulfilling my life with little moments..
BUT YES, I'm happy, just like that, not because I have anything more or less.

It is couple of years ago now. A year when I begun to live a way different, new life. I don't need to go in details what happened why I wrote that, but reading it after 4/5 years, I might admit that these "please, stop being happy" might have won. Or maybe I am just becoming an adult with rough reality? I made these cards because I was thankful for all those people that they were in my life and I appreciate them.

Anyway, away from so serious note on my beautiful greeting cards! (first time I'd very much compliment myself) They all were made by the feeling I felt of the person, kind of like meditation, each are individual. At the beginning I thought of making all the same (as I had done previous years), but something urged me to be more personal, specific and individual. I did each card one by one, not all at the same time, so, I could really focus on one person when making each card. I think there were 2 or just 1 card I could not connect to anyone I felt with close, so, I did not use them or re-made them. 

I used sketch paper which were made from hay, hemp or something alike. I found them in the famous "Baltijas papirs" shop (Baltic paper) in Riga. Back then it was in latvian currency - few santims (few pences), now it might be over a euro. But my guess is that anywhere wherever you live - country, city, town, village - there will be for any budget you want paper to use for cards. Can pay more and have some classic special made paper, or cheap sketch papers. I personally love this rough paper than glancy or matte. It has an edge, already something from my own personality put in the card that the receiver knows it is from me.

Paints, glitters, black tint pens, ribbons, leftover color paper from higschool or even earlier times, colour pencils, the mighty PVA glue and collected "nature bits" from outside. I did not buy anything as only the paper and extra PVA glue, also because I was as mentioned "jobless" and I used material I found in my creative boxes. I really wanted to make something nice for some of those people on Christmas. And also I felt I need some creative activity in my life as I had been a recent graduate student and jobless for couple of months, and it felt "unusual to not be creative everyday". Creativity heals,right?

Here you go some of "my beauties" who are somewhere maybe kept in a secret memory box, or on a shelf or thrown out - who knows! But I had to take a photo of them all (not all are added here in the post) to remember each.

Do good things selflessly.



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