The first advent. Sunday Afternoon in the woods // Skåne.

As much as I would love to have this as my everyday life, it is not. Being outdoors, going to the nature is a planned short escape sometimes weeks sometimes days before, but always always always gaining a lot more fresh energy even if after outdoors I become "more" tired. You know that difference between tired-tired from routine and tired from doing good to yourself?

In the forest to go to read a book, make almond hot chocolate drink, and nature friendly lunch cooked on trangia stove, smell the campfire while enjoying the late afternoon sun-rays playing on your cheeks and nose, is what makes a restful Sunday and ready to conquer Monday with a fresher energy.

Many nature lovers will agree - everything tastes better outdoors, even a coffee which might be too boiled or something else not right. Yes, some of my outdoor coffees have not been the same as drinking at home or cafe, sometimes finding a cafe near the hiking trails is a heaven to our coffee pleasure. And yet sometimes I enjoy sipping my early morning coffee which might have some sand or burnt taste. :)

Everytime I notice the way I see and feel nature, that I do not connect with it in a flow. I am more observant, I try to guess it, to understand it, but I have lived so far away from "being close to nature" that now I am trying to remember forgotten things. As we know Sami the north people are nature readers, I am far from that. If I feel I want to touch, hug or look at the certain tree - I do. One of most interesting experiences is to stand in the silence with eyes closed and just let all other senses to enjoy nature! Try! And try more to go outdoors. If not the way how we do it, then easy to find picnic and already created resting spots near by parks, rivers, lakes, etc.



Gillade du att se dessa bilder?

Det sätt jag samlar ögonblicken av livet i foto, det är min bästa skicklighet!
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