Life of a blogger in Malmö. Kim goes eko.

Kim goes Eko was a Malmö University student in MA Leadership for Sustainability program  and after graduation has stayed to live and improve the startup scene in Malmö. Yes, she is a fashion-driven blogger for sustainability, but in career has chosen to be an advisor in entrepreneurship to new startups. Also, she is the yellow colour's ambassador. Check out her blog here: Kim goes Eko. 

Here are all photo shoots we have done since May until October. Each photo shoot has a background story why it is done. Unfortunateltly, I didn't learn to remember all designer or company names she worked together with, so, better to stalk her instagram to find out details.  I like taking photos of Kim, it's kind of simple with her, yet not always all our ideas or mine turns out, or sometimes what was planned did not happen but a completely random spontaneous idea comes out as the right one. 

Here are Kim's articles in which she included some of these photos.

Top 5 thrift shops in Malmö.

No black outfit month. (She says she failed, she did not, in my opinion)