Who made my cloth? Fashion revolution week 2017

A collaboration between Kim goes öko and Malmö based smart shopping - Swop Shop. Here is Kim's article on this collaboration during FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK 2017.

Why is swapping sustainable? The current fashion industry produces vast amounts of clothes. The longer we use them, the more we leverage the resources needed to produce the clothes. Swapping means that people hand over their unworn items to the next person, who will start using it. Sometimes you swap with your friends privately, but nowadays shops or online solutions help us to swop in a greater sense with plenty more people than only our close friends. We can hand in items in a shop, such as Swop Shop, and in exchange have access to plenty other items in the store. By avoiding to buy new items, particularly at Fast Fashion chains, you set a statement towards a more sustainable world, with an extended life cycle of the item.  
By great coincidence the items match perfeclty: the blue shirt with the black pants and the two others items transform to a summer party outfit. Oh yeah, and that's so worth to be captured in wonderful photos: (KIM ON HER BLOG, 2017)


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