The minimalism in wardrobe. Kim goes eko.

The minimalist lifestyle has been a long journey in my own life. Those times when I was forced to learn to live with everything in one bag, was crucial as one side of me loves to gather many interesting interior objects and cloths from second hand shops. But when I was suddenly pushed to move out from a place I lived in a last minute, I had only 24h to collect what I can in one bag and in other bags as much as I am able to carry to the local storage house. That is one example I think one of the worst "moving situation". The other times it was my own spontaneous decision on moving to another city/region/country. But always these moments lead me to think on minimalist lifestyle. Somehow people around me usually labeled me as one of those minimalists! I don't know how and why, but I heard this sort of opinion that "this is who you are, Elina". 

Somehow they were right, maybe I didn't know it yet, as I was still learning to follow the minimalist's instinct but at he same time the push from the consumerist society made you to think you want all those nice interior things because you just moved again, a new fresh start, whyyyy nooot?

 I have indeed learnt a very minimalist lifestyle in my interior, carry only what I can. Only few times I have lived only with one bag. Of course "my stuff" does not fit in one bag in 2017. Eventually from 1 bag it grows to 2-3 bags. 

One of the most problematic object situations in my moving life is : cloth! Here reading Kim's blog's post on Minimal wardrobe requires some color matching, made me think that this is what I never have done with my cloth shopping, I just buy what I like and then end up with mix match and so on, and then I simply don't care and wear the mix match, and annoy my mother when she meets me. My mom, I know, have tried to taught me this what Kim wrote about. I know, I know! So this is the next step for achieving a better minimalist lifestyle: sort out color matching closet! I must admit meeting this wonderful lady the ambassador and warrior of sustainable fashion really gives some inspiration to re-think and push myself over some old habits.

I wonder, how many are like? Is it that obvious to be a smart color matching type person or it is for some people so natural without "learning it"?As last week I discovered that my fashion taste has not changed much. I found a photo from 1998 summer on a hiking adventure in summer camp, and then I found with the same looking outfit a photo of mini-me from 2016 summer... Well, nature people I guess are not very fashionable,right? :)

Photos: February needs for Kim to tell a story about her new gifts and thrift-ed cloths.


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