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Inspired by nature recycled copper artwork made in the highlands of Skåne

House and pet-sitting in Skåne // Summary from diary notes.

The Blue bird Elina. //

The happy autumn colours are here!

Once upon time somewhere in the middle of nowhere by the sea....

Yogis your consciousness is saved by hej-hej mats!

every season it's all about flowers...

New beginnings in autumn. // small secret wedding in Skåne.

Nature fairy in the Swedish countryside. // Portraiture.

Magic hours are between June and August.

The latvian Glastbonbury festival... No, just Midsummer. Latvia, 2011.

Who made my cloth? Fashion revolution week 2017

Celebrating friendship. // Lomma.

Wake up with the sun

April Fools cycling adventure in Skåne. // Skåneleden.

The queen of Fashion Revulotion in Malmö.

Happy dogs ranch // AirBnb in Skåne // Nature escape.

Can I have a cup of coffee, please?