Janice & Andreas

One of my favorite photography "projects" are when I am asked to capture a memory of someone's life in a very informal atmosphere just as we would be hanging out and these photos would come out as "by the way I accidentally dressed up for a picnic". But as much as I adore photo projects as this, the same much I am nervous and don't believe in myself or my technical skills when the time comes, and I worry too much!

Here - I am glad that two of my new friends from the hitchhiking adventure in Sweden trusted me to do this memory moment of them. The new life change coming up, the new chapter, the new beginnings, all that new change in life as another beautiful adventure - having a first newborn! I felt honored that I could capture this moment, and all of us enjoyed this day, as you can see in some photos it is not just only the happy couple, but with their friends too. It's interesting how we have those special days in our lives. Not the government stated special dates, but our own decided ones, such as this day - we created this "all about girls weekend and all about Janice /the happy mommy/" date at the beginning of July. 

Janice is a wonderful character, I call her "The beautiful lady Janice". I could tell a lot stories and good comments about her as she is someone I really appreciate meeting and having in my life, but maybe for some another post? Here the main focus is on the happy new family. It is not my story to tell how they met and who they are, but I can share my first thoughts what comes to my mind in general. They are one of the funniest, cool to be weird couples with their ups and downs, as everyone. But somehow always when I meet Janice, she has a lot new stories in her pocket to tell me about their everyday life that I end up nagging Janice to just keep telling me more and more, and more in hope that we never come to "So, how are you Elina?". As my life is less comedy, more melancholy. Janice's life would be one of the funniest TV shows ever. She is the one who will break the ice-silence at awkward moment to tell something as "That one time when I was doing military service/ That one time when I hitchhiked... / That one time when I...". 

I wish I always wrote down her stories, when I felt sad I could open up the notebook and read one of her hilarious life experiences and remember how life is beautiful! It might sound that Janice is only a fun and sweet, but what I most appreciate about her is her wise honesty, strong opinion and saying things as they are than keeping silent. Me as the young little naive girl back then when we met, I saw her as a total superhero to me. 

I forgot to mention she is my brother, as she actually shares almost the same name with my real-brother. ;) So, here we are outside of Stockholm on island called Mörkö where cats are not allowed to step on, on a beautiful sunny day to capture someone's special memory...


P.s. Photos are taken in 2014 July. Since then a lot has changed with our three life. I am no longer a nomad, but Lund University student, and living way different life in Malmö (still in a search of job) and learning slowly swedish. Janice has more than 2 years old wonderful, full of compassion and goodness in heart kid August Räven and soon to be a wife. The lady in yellow is another woman I should tell a story one day, her name is Johanna. She is now a wife and expecting soon too. Unfortunately, on such a happy post I need to say that we all miss this lively wise lady dog Roxberg. She has left us now and is in a happy dog place. Always capturing these special dates, you can expect that a lot memory will be created.


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